How can I customize my account?


By Aleks Kowalczyk

updated about 1 year ago

You can customize your account by

  • changing the main settings (account & company information),
  • customizing the e-mail your clients receive when you send them an invoice, quote or invoice reminder,
  • uploading a company logo
  • choosing an invoice template

Follow the steps below and you will have a fully customized account in just a few minutes.

To change your main settings:

1. Go to the Settings page

2. Go to the Company information tab

3. Change any Company information and click on the green Save button

4. Go to the System preferences tab

5. Make the necessary changes and click on the green Save button

To customize the email your clients receive:

1. Go to the Email preferences tab

2. Customize the email text for new invoices, new quotes, invoice reminders, payment received messages and new credit notes.

To upload a company logo:

1. Go to the Invoice Customization tab

2. Add your company logo

To choose an invoice template:

1. Choose one of our invoice templates

2. Add any invoice, quote or credit note titles

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